Our Process

Our Process

What Flagship is All About

You might be wondering what makes us different.

We employ a proprietary process which we have developed working with clients for nearly two decades. The process is under constant review and improvement. Actually, we don’t even call it a process, we call it a formula.

What’s with the word play? We call our “process” The Clarity Formula because that is truer to the experience, which incorporates not only a specific series of steps but a specific approach and way of thinking that is tied to our Mission as a Firm.

The Clarity Builder

The Clarity Builder is where it all starts. Really it’s a conversation that is supported by some specific questions and proprietary tools. The questions and the tools are designed to assist you in uncovering and clearly identifying the things that matter most to you and then building a clarity around the planning to support them.

The Clarity Filter

The Clarity Filter has several separate pieces that come together to form one step designed to clearly organize your information, personal and financial alike. We rely on cutting edge technology to support this step and provide the best possible experience to what can be an overwhelming task.

The Clarity Evaluator

The Clarity Evaluator is the culmination of our conversations and the insights achieved through them. It provides a clear picture of your situation and ties next steps to the things that matter most to you.

The Clarity Launch

The Clarity Launch is where clarity and action meet. It the step where the planning “jumps” off the page and onto the path towards achievement.

The Clarity Assessment

The Clarity Assessment is more than a “review” or “progress report”. It’s a strategic and tactical meeting that provides meaningful assessment of all the things you have identified as important, the path we have charted together to support them, and a true assessment of how you feel about each one of them, the progress you have made, and the changes that have occurred.